Events in Gastronomic Field

Yangzhou Holds the “Speak for Yangzhou, City of Gastronomy” Tik-tok Challenge and the Launch Ceremony of the “Yangzhou City of Gastronomy” Tik-tok Account

In order to showthe brand effect of the City of Gastronomyand promote the transformation and upgrading of the

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A New Journey: Forum Condensed Into the Development of Yangzhou Cuisine

On the afternoon of the 26th, the 2020 Creative Gourmet Morning Tea Culture Development Forum and Yangzhou Food

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2020 China Yangzhou Huaiyang Cuisine Gastronomy Festival Opening Ceremony

In order to promote food culture, advocate green dining, polish up Yangzhou& 39;s City of Gastronomybrand, and

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2020 China Yangzhou Huaiyang Cuisine Gastronomy Festival and the 2nd China Yangzhou Morning Tea Culture Festival Officially Opened

On the morning of September 26, 2020 China Yangzhou Huaiyang Cuisine Gastronomy Festival and the 2nd China Ya

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Yangzhou and Shunde Held “City of Gastronomy” Exchange

"The layout of Yangzhou dishes is amazing, it& 39;s really exquisite!" "Shunde& 39;s seafood cooking is top-notch,

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Yangzhou Chefs Present Yangzhou Banquet for Friends from over 100 Countries

On September 27th, Chinese Delegation to UNESCO held the Reception for the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of

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“City of Gastronomy” such as Chengdu and Macao and 35 Canal Cities in China Participated in Yangzhou Canal Cuisine Carnival Activities

As an important part of 2019 World Canal Cities Forum, during September 26th-October 6th, Yangzhou held a series

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Yangzhou Successfully Held China’s First Morning Tea Festival

In order to promote the innovative development of Yangzhou cuisine and create a cuisine festival brand with signi

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The Chinese Cuisine International Development (Yangzhou) Convention

In 2018, Yangzhou organized the Chinese Cuisine International Development (Yangzhou) Convention & International Devel

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The Cross-Strait Vegetarian Culture Expo

Every April during 2013 and 2015, Yangzhou would hold the Cross-Strait Vegetarian Culture Expo that assembled a l

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The Silk Road Cuisine Display

The Silk Road Cuisine Display—Yangzhou Week made a success in 2015, which greatly strengthened the communication

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Chinese Cuisine Chefs at Home and Abroad Exchange Cooking Skills in Yangzhou & China's Top Cooking Masters Exchange Cooking Skills

Nearly 30 world top Chinese cuisine chefs and scholars as well as world renowned calligraphers and painters from

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