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Zero Distance to Gastronomy

On December 28, jointly organized by Bank of Jiangsu Yangzhou Branch, Yangzhou Media Group, Colorful World and Ya

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The 3rd Lingtang Ethnic Tourism & Food Festival Opened

On November 7, the 3rd Lingtang Ethnic Tourism & Food Festival (aka 4th Gaoyou Lake Hairy Crab Tourism & Food

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Huaiyang Cuisine Cooking Competitions aimed at all citizens

Yangzhou Municipal People& 39;s Government Affairs Office has released a Yangzhou Huaiyang Cuisine Cooking Competitio

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The Grand Canal Cuisine Carnival

The First Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo came off in May 2019 in Yangzhou As an essential part of the

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Yizheng “Green Spring” Tea Culture Festival

Yizheng, a county-level city of Yangzhou, abounds with Green Spring tea, one of the most renowned traditional Chi

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Yangzhou Shaobo Lobster Festival

As one of the historical and cultural towns of China, Shaobo has held the Lobster Festival every year since 200

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China Double-Yolked Duck Egg Festival

The Gaoyou duck is named as one of the three improved duck species and the well-known Gaoyou salted duck eggs

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