Grass-roots Organizations

Yangzhou Cuisine and Catering Industry Association, founded in 1984, consists of 60 corporate members and over 300 individual members, and was awarded the “30 Years of Excellence in Chinese Catering Industry” in 2017 by China Cuisine Association. It has published a number of books on cuisine culture and organized the compilation of multiple standards and specifications like General Specifications for Huaiyang Cuisine and Serving Chopsticks Service Specifications. With an active part in public welfare activities, the Association is highly recognized by State Administration of Grain as a strong advocate of the “Clear Your Plate” Campaign.
Yangzhou Chefs Association, with a membership of over 600, works to improve the cooking techniques and professional ethics of the chefs, improving the overall standards of its members by organizing study tours, trainings, lectures, and competitions.
◆The effect and influence of the activities are constantly improving.
The academic outcomes on cuisine achieved by the associations exert wide influence on the society. The industry associations have organized a group of food culture research experts to write and publish many books like Chinese Cooking Materials Dictionary, Chinese Pastry History, and Chinese Cuisine History. Conducting in-depth research on Huaiyang cuisine, they organized the compilation and publication of History of Huaiyang Cuisine Culture, 100 Huaiyang Dishes, Huaiyang Flavor, and Chinese Huaiyang Cuisine, as well as the popular science books of China Huaiyang Cuisine Records, and the pocket book of Symbol Jiangsu & Huaiyang Cuisine. These books have raised great repercussions in the academic field and have been highly recognized by catering practitioners, playing an essential role in spreading Huaiyang cuisine.
Cuisine making becomes increasingly standardized. The General Specification for Huaiyang Cuisine formulated by Yangzhou Cooking and Catering Industry Association is recognized as a provincial standard, and other 21 standards like Classic Huaiyang Cuisine Appreciation Standard are at municipal level. The series of standards surrounding the dishes and theme culture banquets have made positive contributions to the catering industry and become the learning guidance for practitioners of catering industry.
The exhibitions and initiatives of the catering industry has been launched by Yangzhou Cooking and Catering Industry Association over the past three years, including a train of events such as "Top Ten Refined Huaiyang Cuisine" Exhibition and Selection, Chinese Cuisine Chefs at Home and Abroad Exchange Cooking Skills in Yangzhou, and additionally Yangzhou Bath Culture Healthcare Festival. The association was also acknowledged by the State Administration of Grain for making great contributions in the “Investigation on the Loss and Waste of Grain and Oil Consumption”. Moreover, it played a vital part in Yangzhou’s application of food intangible cultural heritage.