Public Facilities

◆Yangzhou Youth Venture Employment Service Center Ltd, founded in 2005, is the first professional consulting agency in Jiangsu committed to providing youth with entrepreneurship, employment and enterprise services. It pays attention to building an integrated entrepreneurial service platform and supports over 50% of the startup projects in the food creative field.
◆On average, the Household Service Training Ground of Yangzhou Civic Center offers over 30 cooking skills training sessions annually; it has helped over 8,000 people get employed.

◆In Yangzhou’s Public Welfare Training Camp, whose mission is to promote reemployment of disadvantaged households and women, over 10,000 women receive training in food-making skills each year.
◆Yangzhou Special Education School has established a vocational skill training base for disabled people. The students ranked top two in Chinese pastry project in the Sixth Disabled People Vocational Skills Competition of Jiangsu Province in 2018, which greatly boosted their occupational ability.


◆Cinemas designed for the blind. In order to further meet the cultural needs of all disadvantaged groups, Yangzhou has built the “Yangzhou Blind People Cinema & Barrier-Free Library” that integrates accessible watching for the visually impaired people, barrier-free reading and training functions. It covers an area of about 120 square meters and can accommodate 50 blind people, and additionally, it provides accessible reading services for all disabled groups.


◆City parks and city study rooms. Yangzhou has built more than 300 city parks and nearly 30 city study rooms. Yangzhou has formulated the "Construction Standards for Yangzhou 24-Hour City Study Rooms" to improve the study room quality,


◆Yangzhou Museum is the largest cultural relic collection center, the cultural exhibition and academic research center, and the citizen culture and leisure center.


◆Yangzhou Grand Theatre is a large cultural complex incorporating various theme theaters, book malls, and art training centers, offering a new space for the integration of music and media arts.


◆Every year, Yangzhou Concert Hall hosts musical performances such as the “Citizen Open Day” public welfare series and traditional Chinese music series performances that charge fairly low prices.


◆Yangzhou organizes China Jade Sculpture Exhibition each year to display the charm of folk handicrafts like jade carving.