Gastronomic Locations

With a history of over 1200 years, the “Dongguan Street-Guoqing Road” historic block is one of the only 3 Agglomeration Blocks for Time-Honored Brands in Jiangsu, and 180 shops out of its total 350 deal with food.
Guoqing Road, a popular historical road of Yangzhou, gathers a raft of over 100-year-old restaurants such as Fuchun Refreshments Restaurant, Caigenxiang Restaurant and Sanhesimei sauce shop, and a group of time-honored cooking knife stores like Xieyidao Knife Store and Liujiabao Knife Store. They still inherit the traditional cooking techniques and remain their original business model unaffected by the process of modern urbanization. The traditional Chinese medicine and the traditional crafts such as hairdressing and pedicure assemble in Guoqing Road where the old traditions of urban life could be inherited and carried forward.
Yangzhou 486 Intangible Cultural Heritage Cluster is a cultural tourism complex integrating multiple functions: exhibition, experience, exchanges, and R&D. It gathers over 50 intangible cultural heritages, including 8 food-related items, and is joined by 6 China Cuisine Masters. Each year, it organizes over 60 themed events for local residents, attracting over 120,000 participants.
Since 2000, with the accelerated urbanization process in Yangzhou and optimization of urban commercial network layout, 11 food streets covering the main city have been established including Siwangting Street, Huaihai Street, Wangyue Street and Xingcheng Street. Each food street is at least equipped with more than 150 catering businesses, consisting of dozens of dining styles like Huaiyang cuisine, fast food, sea food and hotpot.
Since 2010, over 10 popular “indoor food streets” has appeared in Yangzhou, including Jinghua Living Mall and Wanda Plaza. A wide variety of restaurants has been established in commercial bodies, further expanding the group of catering businesses and services.
In 2017, the Yangzhou Slender West Lake Tourism Investment Group started to plan the Yangzhou “Three Knives” Agglomeration Zone, which will bring together diverse carriers like cuisine culture display platforms, youth entrepreneurship centers, master chef studios, and theme museums, and host experience activities concerning cuisine culture and traditional arts and crafts.