Professional Organizations

Jiangsu Cuisine Institute, founded in 1987,  is one of the first professional research institutes on cuisine. It consists of 18 research labs such as cuisine nutrition lab and seasoning science lab. The institute has been leading China and even the world in various areas, such as Huaiyang cuisine culture research, cooking and nutrition research, and Chinese cuisine literature research and nutritional medicine diet study, etc. This institute has chaired and participated in over 200 programs of the National Social Science Fund of China and National Natural Science Foundation of China, and has achieved fruitful research results.


Jiangsu Huaiyang Cuisine Industrialization Engineering Center, founded in 2017, is the only provincial-level science and technology innovation platform for catering industry in Jiangsu Province. Centering on the research and development of the traditional and key techniques of Huaiyang cuisine, the center strives to strengthen the industrialization transformation of technological achievements and standardization construction of Huaiyang cuisine. Besides, it has established a catering big data sharing platform for catering industry to achieve data exchange, results exchange, and platform sharing.




◆Cooking Master Studios of Huaiyang Cuisine. By far, four specialized Huaiyang cuisine master studios and two famous chef studios have been built. The Xu Yongzhen Model Worker Innovation Studio was granted as Jiangsu Provincial Demonstration Model Worker Innovation Studio and the Zhou Xiaoyan Cooking Master Studio was honored as Jiangsu Provincial Cooking Master Studio.
◆China Huaiyang Cuisine Museum. Through scene representation, models, lacquer paintings, dough figurine etc., China Huaiyang Cuisine Museum showcases the city of Yangzhou as the clustering center, birthplace and core area of Huaiyang cuisine. Using modern information technology, the museum shows the “eat in Yangzhou” custom through multiple displays such as spectra visions, dialect cartoons, interactive dining tables and touch screens.
◆Yangzhou Food Industry Park, designated a National Demonstration Base for Agricultural Product Processing and an Advanced Park Offering Services for the Innovation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China, is an agglomeration of over 100 enterprises in processing traditional foods, oil and rice, and aquatic products.