Public Programs

①The Disabled

◆“In 2017, Yizheng, a county-level city of Yangzhou, established a 100-acre farming therapy medical center for the disabled that plants green and pollution-free vegetables and fruits, mainly involving over 20 varieties such as tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers. The program aims at training the planting and cultivation techniques of various vegetables and fruit trees for the disabled, which greatly facilitated the high-quality employment for disabled people and farmers in surrounding areas. In the summer vacation of 2018, a set of courses were designed for the disadvantaged people to learn 20 western-style pastry varieties.
◆Suxin Public Welfare Project is initiated by Yangzhou Suxin Youth Public Service Center (Suxin Public Service) to achieve “making dough modelling with careful mind and shaping the mind by sculpturing the dough”. Taking the dough modelling as a media, Suxin Public Service innovatively integrates the disadvantaged group assistance with the intangible cultural heritage of dough modelling and develops a curriculum system of Yangzhou dough modelling so as to help build the self-confidence of the disadvantaged and improve their entrepreneurial ability. Furthermore, Suxin Public Service, based on in-depth research on the problems of talent shortage, market shrinkage and lack of innovation existing in Yangzhou dough modelling area, is devoted to integrating the physical and mental support of the disadvantaged people and the inheritance and protection of Yangzhou dough modelling culture, and striving for an organic combination of artistic therapy and cultural heritage. By December 2018, it has developed over 510 classes for public welfare and helped 227 disabled people. The program won the 2018 Jiangsu Excellent Youth Volunteer Service Project and the 4th China Youth Volunteer Service Project Silver Award.
◆Special school specialized in training cooking skills for vulnerable groups. Yangzhou Special Education School has established a vocational skill training base for disabled people. The students ranked top two in Chinese pastry project in the Sixth Disabled People Vocational Skills Competition of Jiangsu Province in 2018, which greatly boosted their self-confidence and occupational ability.

 ②The Elderly and Children
◆A series of food events themed on caring for empty-nest elderly has been launched in multiple communities of Yangzhou intended to enrich their lives. The colorful cooking activities, like “Happy Cooking Time, Enjoying the Old Age”, “Winter Solstice Festival” and “the Elderly Cooking Competition” are warmly welcomed by the elderly. In these activities, not only did the elderly feel happiness and joy in tasting delicious food, but also experienced the fun of making food, which enhanced their friendship.
◆Slender West Lake Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Program has been launched each Summer since 2014, providing the intangible cultural heritage study and experience program for children. The children who participated can learn how to make the traditional dough sculpture, Yangzhou Fried Rice and Yangzhou paper-cutting in well-designed courses. This program greatly enhanced the influence of Huaiyang cuisine culture and has become a vital program of Yangzhou cultural tourism.
◆“I Am A Little Chef” Themed Experience Program is held annually by Yangzhou Tourism & Business Vocational School for local and other primary school students. During this activity, cooking teachers would teach students how to make boiled and dried bean curd and Huaiyang pastry. In this process, students could strengthen their hands-on skill and have a taste of the authentic Yangzhou food. This program has exerted a wide impact on the society, and primary schools from Nanjing and Beijing are attracted to Yangzhou to participate in the program, realizing the cross-regional spreading of Yangzhou cuisine.

◆The training place of civic center for housekeeping staff-targeted cooking skills training. The training program has been jointly carried out for many times in recent years by Yangzhou Women's Federation and Yangzhou Cooking and Food Industry Association, including organizing training on dumplings making, Chinese home-style cooking and Western-style pastry making in the training place of civic center. Thanks to the training courses on classic Huaiyang cuisine, the housekeeping staff learned how to make multiple of classic dishes like stewed lion's head (large meatball), fried pork liver, Yangzhou fried rice, and Wensi tofu, which plays an active role in polishing occupational ability.
◆The public welfare training camp serving family livelihood and women’s reemployment covers the “Delicacy Kitchen” Philanthropic Camp and “Mommy’s Breakfast” Cooking Show annually organized by Yangzhou Women's Federation. Targeted at adult women, these activities prioritize unemployed women in urban areas and rural women without income. Besides, the programs incorporate training courses on Western-style baking and postpartum meal making in vocational schools to teach nutritional recipe and cooking skills, which greatly enhanced their reemployment ability.