Interests Cultivation

Starting from 2014, culinary courses have been offered in 8 primary and middle schools as labor practice courses which help build up the students’ creativity and practical skills.

Yangzhou High School extensively carried out various social practice activities, ranging from practical experience and production labor, to voluntary services and public activities, in order to further strengthen the students’ practical abilities. All students in senior one and senior two must take labor courses and participate in labor practices. Courses concerning cooking, intangible cultural heritage and handicrafts were established in accordance with the actual situation of the school. Besides, it has built a specialized and spacious cooking training room, completely equipped with stoves, chopping boards and knives. The school has also issued Yangzhou High School Student Labor Course (Cooking) Implementation Manual to continuously refine the projects and content of the cooking labor curricular. In this process, students greatly enhanced their hands-on abilities, and deepened their recognition and understanding of Huaiyang cuisine meanwhile.

Over the past five years, the primary and secondary schools in Yangzhou have been integrating cooking courses into their cultural courses co-constructed with the cooking vocational colleges. This kind of course would normally last for two years aiming at carrying forward the classic Huaiyang dishes like Yangzhou fried rice, lion’s head (large meatball) and boiled and dried bean curd. The courses have advanced the labor education for primary and secondary school students and equipped them with learning and living skills. This measure has achieved a remarkable success, and consequently, the education delegations from Xinjiang, Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Malaysia came to Yangzhou for a visit of the inter-school co-constructed courses and gave a very high evaluation.