Professional Education

Yangzhou has established a diversified and multi-level food creativity education & training system. Seven universities and vocational colleges offer culinary programs that train over 2,000 practitioners (both Chinese and foreign) annually.

The School of Tourism and Cooking of Yangzhou University started to recruit cooking major students in 1983 and to create undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education afterwards, which were all the very first in China.

Jiangsu College of Tourism, renamed in 2016, enjoys comparative strength in majors of Cooking Techniques and Nutrition, and Tourism Service and Management. 13 higher vocational majors and over 30 secondary vocational majors are open to students, making undeniable contributions to the training of cuisine talents.

Yangzhou Hospitality Institute, founded in 2013, adopts the training mode of the Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland. Educations on Western Cuisine, Catering Management, Cooking Techniques and Nutrition are available in the college featured with hotel management and catering management. It has cultivated a huge number of high-quality applied talents with international vision and professional skill for the hotel service industry.