Pastries and Dishes

Yangzhou Fried Rice Steamed Dumpling of Broth with Crab Roes Steamed Baozi Stuffed with Five Diced Delicacies A-thousand-layer Oil Pastry Steamed Jadeite-like Shaomai Bun
Steamed Dumpling Plain Noodles Wonton in Shrimp-Roe Soup Pan-fried Dumpling Bean Curd with Flavorings
Steamed Pork Balls with Crab Source Braised Dried Bean Curd Shreds with Shredded Chicken Wensi Toufu  A Set of Three Birds Salted Goose in Spicy Sauce
Stewed Long-snout Catfish in White Sauce Stemed Whitefish Braised Swellfish With Bamboo Shoots Sautéed Chinese Perch in Sweet and Sour Sauce Spicy Smoked Fish
Shaobo Crawfish Stir-fired Shrimp Meat Braised Carp Head Gourd-Shaped Duck with Eight Delicacies  Stewed Hog Head
Coupled Lotus Root with Smashed Pork Pork in Cattail Wrapper Lotus Root Puff Huaiyang-style Pig’s Head Meat Sweet Lotus Root with Osmanthus Sauce