Creative Communities

The size of the group engaged in food creative work in Yangzhou is constantly expanding and the occupation is diversified.

Professionals working on food culture research. Yangzhou has been a vital base for national food culture research and has bred many outstanding professionals in this field renowned at home and abroad, including Wang Zengqi, a famous writer, and Nie Fengqiao, Tao Wentai and Qiu Pangtong and other specialists in food culture. Today, there are over 500 teaching staff in Yangzhou engaged in the cultivation of cooking talents in universities and vocational schools, training over 9,000 school students every year, some of whom start a business or take part-time jobs in food creativity even before graduation.

Cooks and professionals working on food industry. Yangzhou now has 245,000 practitioners in catering businesses, Of the 152,000 chefs in Yangzhou, 61 are granted the title of “China Cooking Master”, including 10 veteran master chefs with over 50 years of experience.

Diverse social groups in Yangzhou live on gastronomy. In rural areas of Yangzhou, thousands of chefs work in teams to provide whole sets of banquet services on contract for local residents on festive occasions or celebrations like weddings, birthday parties, and funerals. In urban areas, food stalls selling salted goose meat and Yangzhou baozi are a common sight, providing thousands of jobs for vulnerable groups such as laid-off workers, women and the disabled.